Female Genital Piercings

Genital Piercings, in general, are done for various reasons, notably for sexual stimulation, aesthetic appeal or in some cultures
and communities for sexual negation or control.
Genital piercings also bring with them an awareness of one’s genitals in a way that we all too often seem to lack or overlook.
It is an amazing way to pay homage to such a dynamic and pleasurable part of the human anatomy.

In Female Genital Piercings, unlike in male genital piercings, we find that they are more visually stimulating through its aesthetic
appeal to the Bearer’s partner. But for the most is only physically sexually stimulating to the Bearer of the piercing.

Anatomy plays a huge role in female genital piercings, for the reason that not every woman’s anatomy can accommodate
certain piercings safely….
It is thus advisable to have your genital anatomy examined by a competent piercer who specializes in genital piercings, so that
you as the piercee can make an informed decision on which piercing you want and are suited to.
A competent Genital Piercer will never agree to a  specific female genital piercing unless they have examined your anatomy and
are certain of the options suited to your anatomy.
And if they don’t, well then this is not someone you want anywhere near your genitals with a sharp object.

When piercings are done accurately and positioned with regard to the anatomy and overall body symmetry of the individual
bearer, it is undeniably aesthetically pleasing to both the Bearer and their Sexual Partner.

As for sexual negation and control, in BDSM Community, piercings are often used as devices to prevent or control the Bearer
during Body Play or to prevent sexual penetration in certain cultures for whatever reason, cultural or spiritual.

A list of Female Genital Piercings follows with a short description:

  • Christina :   This piercing is located below the Pubic Mound where the Labia Majora (Outer Labia) converge and form the crevice-like fold. It is essentially a surface piercing and done for mostly visually stimulating and aesthetic reasons, as it does not stimulate the Bearer physically.. The piercing is done preferably with a surface bar or a curved barbell custom made to fit the anatomy of the region. Healing time is anything from 3 to 6 months depending on aftercare.
  • Clitoris :   This piercing is done through the Glans (head) of the Clitoris and is not very common, because it requires the bearer to have a clitoris large enough to perform the procedure and allow the piercing success in healing. With this piercing there is also a concern of whether it will increase or decrease sensation. It is also often confused with the Clitoral Hood Piercings, which are more functional, as they stimulate the clitoris by means of the jewellery worn.  Healing time is anything from 1 to 2 months depending on aftercare.
  • Clitoral Hood :   These piercings are done through the hood of tissue that surrounds the Clitoris. There are 2 types, Horizontal and Vertical Hood Piercings. These piercings do not penetrate the clitoris in any manner and are very functional in this regard, as the jewellery worn rubs up against the Clitoris itself.
    VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) Piercings require a hood with enough space underneath it to accommodate the jewellery to be worn, as this jewellery will rest directly upon the Clitoral Glans (head) and Clitoral Shaft.
    HCH (Horizontal Clitoral Hood) Piercings are done more for aesthetic reasons, as it is in contact with the Clitoris less than with the VCH, however almost all women have anatomy suitable for this piercing. Healing is anything from 4 to 6 weeks for both types depending on aftercare.
  • Triangle :   This piercing passes from side to side through the base of the Clitoral Hood tissue where it meets the Labia Minora (Inner Labia) and runs under the Clitoral Bundle. This is a very advanced piercing that not every woman is suited for anatomically. It requires that the entire nerve bundle of the Clitoris be pulled forward as it runs under the clitoris horizontally and perpendicular to the Clitoral Shaft. It is done with a circular barbell. A thorough examination is definitely required beforehand to establish its viability. Healing time is anything from 4 to 6 months depending on aftercare.
  • Fourchette :   This piercing is done at the posterior rim of the Vaginal opening preferably with a Ring, however a Barbell can be used. It has no real direct functionality, however it may contribute to visual stimulation and possibly even a little sexual stimulation during sexual intercourse. Can also be stimulating during foreplay or Body Play. Healing time is anything from 3 to 4 months depending on aftercare.
  • Isabella :   This is an extremely advanced and deep piercing that starts below the Clitoris and above the Urethra and travels up through the Clitoral Shaft and exits where the Labia Majora (Outer Labia) meet at the top of the Hood (lower opening of Christina). This piercing can result in loss of sensation and blood loss to the Clitoris as it travels through the Dorsal Nerve, as well as excessive bleeding during the healing process. The safety of this piercing is seriously questionable. If one is looking for a safer alternative with similar aesthetic appeal, then the Nefertiti piercing is recommended. Healing time is anything from 6 to 12 months depending on aftercare.
  • Labia :   There are 2 types of Labia and therefore 2 types of Labia Piercings. The Inner Labia Piercings and Outer Labia Piercings.
    Inner (Labia Minora) – These piercings heal quicker than the Outer Labia Piercings as they are done horizontally through the inner labia, which are not very thick, compared to the Outer Labia. These Piercings can also be stretched if this is an aesthetic that pleases the Bearer, and if it does, thicker and heavier pieces of jewellery can be worn, even Flesh tunnels. Healing times is from 2 to 3 months depending on aftercare.
    Outer (Labia Majora) – In these piercings more tissue is pierced and because of this they can be more painful than Inner Labia Piercings, both during the procedure as well as during healing. They also heal more slowly because of the amount of tissue pierced. Healing time is from 3 to 6 months depending on aftercare.
    Both these types of piercings can be stimulating to both partners during sexual intercourse and are very aesthetically pleasing, especially when done in symmetrical pairs. They are also used in the BDSM community as a means to “lock up” or control the willing Submissive in the relationship. A range of jewellery can also be worn, notably Rings, Barbells and Circular Barbells.
  • Nefertiti :   This piercing is a combination of a Christina and a Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing. Mostly this piercing is done with flexible barbells due to the length of the piercing and was invented as a safer alternative to the Isabella Piercing. Healing time is anything from 6 to 8 months depending on aftercare.
  • Princess Albertina :   This piercing enters the urethra and exits above the Vaginal opening. This piercing is rare and requires a skilled professional to perform. The piercing can be very stimulating to the urethra during sexual intercourse. The urethra however, needs to be large enough to accommodate a receiving tube. Healing time is anything from 2 to 4 months depending on aftercare.

These Piercings are considered as the standard Female Genital Piercings, and there are many more types, but most are just
variations of these basic piercings and the procedures involved.

Please refer to the Gallery for more graphic depictions of these piercings.